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Software cannot be excluded anymore in a modern corporate organization. The modern software systems represent powerful analysis tools, providing us with an excellent overview of the business processes and helping us to take well-founded decisions.
To prevent this software from turning into an expensive and resource-devouring process, we have to use methods feeding the software as efficiently and accurately as possible. THOR Maintenance has committed herself to help her customers to find the easiest way where data are collected in the right table in the software system (paperless).

THOR Maintenance can offer the following products:

MAAS (Maintenance As A Service) System:

The MAAS-system was developed in a joint-venture with the company RealDolmen. The ‘Rimses-Software’ (CMMS-system) was converted into a platform where the customer can outsource the technical asset management to experts. This modern working method will allow the customer to benefit from following advantages:

  • Experts manage the technical documents and they are always and everywhere available.
  • The number of technical experts working on administration has to be limited.
  • The use of ‘Tablets’ allows date to be uploaded immediately in the Rimses-system (Real-time information) after registration of the employee/executor.
  • Spare part management occurs very efficiently and group purchases and reductions are possible.
  • The number of own technical employees can be minimized.
  • Experts can be consulted when necessary and only then.
  • The incurred costs of the technical service can be followed in real-time.
  • Analysis tools and KPI’s are permanently available.
  • The organization does no longer depend on the technical knowledge and expertise of technical employees. Training and courses of own people will be minimized.
  • The costs and effect of maintenance on the final product will be visualized.

Next to the above list of advantages, there are lots of company-oriented benefits. THOR maintenance  will gladly demonstrate and discuss this system without any obligation.

Send HERE a mail with your specific question or if you want to fix an appointment for a demo.

Specific Software:

Over the years, THOR Maintenance has developed and assisted with lots of software applications. We have software available::

  • To perform a failure recording and analysis
  • To do criticality analyses of the machinery
  • To do reliability analyses of the machinery
  • SD-Planning tools.

Next to the above list, lots of company-specific software tools are available. THOR maintenance will gladly demonstrate and discuss this system.

Send HERE a mail with your specific question or if you want to fix an appointment for a demo.

Customized solutions:

The power of Software Tools is mostly their simplicity. Often, very powerful and efficient applications can be developed based on Excel and used with few means and lead time. The data collected in this way can always be converged later to a CMMS-system, allowing further analysis. An efficient tool is always based on a smart concept.

THOR Maintenance can always help to set up practical Software Tools.
Send HERE a mail with your specific question.

Thor Maintenance


We like to make an appointment with you to discuss your project in detail. On this basis we make an appropriate offer.

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